Barre Body Class

All Levels, 30-60 minutes

A full-body barre workout designed to help you slim, lift and sculpt your entire body.

Through the use of small pulse actions and full-range movements using weights and traditional ballet positions, you will develop a lean, defined, dancer-like body.

This workout incorporates light dumbbells (1-4 pounds), balls, resistance loops and various ballet movements enabling you to strengthen your whole body, while simultaneously elongating your muscles.

This low-impact class is available to all fitness levels and provides an effective and enjoyable full-body workout.


The ORIGINAL Lotte Berk Technique Class

All Levels, 30-60 minutes

This is the first Original Technique Class I taught and is the exact same class that has been taught in England for over 50 years.

The Original Lotte Berk Technique is designed to work all of your muscles, while giving you a long and lean look.

These remarkable exercises, inspired by dance, incorporate just a barre and mat, are for women who desire longer, leaner muscles, a pulled-in waistline and less bulk. The movements are also for those who are looking for a fun, mindful way to improve their fitness.

No equipment needed!


Rebound & Releve Barre Bounce Class

All Levels, 30-60 minutes

This unique and fun workout combines barre with rebounding. In this class, you will experience how classic barre moves can be effectively done on the trampoline while mixed with low- impact interval bounces to bring the heart rate up.


Equipment Needed:
Mini trampoline

Light hand weights (1-4 pounds)

Get ready to take your barre workout to new heights!