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My first blog post of 2021 was published on The Barre Blog yesterday. It's been almost a year since I became the Blog's Southern US Editor and in that time I've written eleven articles. Eleven articles in eleven months was a happy accident -- I never set a deadline for myself when I joined the Blog's writing team almost a year ago, but am more than pleased with the outcome. It's taken me several attempts to learn that if I task myself with writing a certain number of posts each week or month, I stress myself out and end up procrastinating.

Even though I've discovered that I don't like looming deadlines, they do help motivate me to get my words on the page, which is very therapeutic. Since I gave up running miles upon miles each week after my terrible autoimmune flare-up during the fall of 2019, taking the time to get my thoughts down helps alleviate a lot of the anxiety that I've been feeling since the world turned upside down. It's a vicious cycle, you see. I get stressed because I can't always find the time/energy/motivation to write and then I get stressed when I force myself to write. In any event, I've decided to just relax and to try to be more intuitive regarding my writing schedule. If I feel like writing, I make it a priority and if I don't, I'll wait until the mood strikes. As it turns out, this little trick has been working quite well for me. In addition to the 11 posts that I penned for The Barre Blog, I also completed quite a few freelance articles and other writing projects in the last year.

Why does this all matter? Well, now it's time to get cracking on content for The Barre Library! My goal -- one of a few writing goals, not resolutions or deadlines, that I've set for myself this year is to write at least one blog post per week for The Library. I churned out the post I wrote for The Barre Blog on Tips for a Successful ORIGINAL Test Out in less than two hours. My fingers smoothly sailed across the keyboard as the words flowed like happy tears onto the screen. It was magical. It was cathartic. It was me at my writer's best. And, it is how I plan on spending at least two or so hours each week for the foreseeable future. Now, I can't promise that all of my articles will be Pulitzer Prize worthy, but I can assure you that they will contribute something meaningful to this site -- whether it be a fitness tip, recipe, a tidbit of barre history or just a peek into the life of a 40-something, mother of two, autoimmune disease warrior just trying to navigate her way through writer's block.

Yes, I know that I've said/written/promised this before on other blogs and social media

platforms. But, I've come to realize that if I don't write, it won't get any easier and I'll never see my dream of becoming a published book author come true. It's taken me a long time to realign my priorities, to take a step back from one obligation too many and to

let my house remain less-than-tidy from time to time. But, that's when the magic happens. The moment I feel the urge to write and the sooner I get those words out, (think Dumbledore and the Memory Extraction Spell), all becomes right in my world once again. And, like Dumbledore, I'm afraid that if I don't allow myself to pull those words out from my mind and get them into my own pensieve, they might get lost in a fog of To Do Lists, homework and every day tasks.

Hence, for the next month, I'm holding myself accountable by being not-so-accountable. Reaching for smaller goals is much more palatable to my sensitive, stress-intolerant stomach than forcing myself to live up to assurances that just aren't practical to achieve.

So, there you have it. I'm currently in the process of thinking of my next blog topic. In the meantime, I have eleven articles (a majority of them about my journey to becoming certified in The ORIGINAL Lotte Berk Technique, which helped me realize that relying on my intuition would help set free a lot of my anxiety) just waiting in the wings. Wow, two articles in two days -- I just may end up floating away after I push the Publish button...

Oh, and while you're waiting for this blog to be refreshed, please visit my Barre Blog author page for some samples of things to come! See you at The Library!

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